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Our Story

Based in Lake Nona

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Lauren Brown

Lauren's love of fresh flowers and Alex's need to tinker on old trucks brought to life a unique family business, Poppy Flower and Co.

Enough about us! Let's meet Poppy. 

After months of searching and kicking old tires, we came across a listing for an original soft white and mint green, 1982 Ford F-150. A thousand 20 year old memories flooded both of us and we instantly fell in love. The only catch? She was in California! She could not have been further from home. 

After what felt like an eternity, we had her shipped across the country to give her the life she deserved delivering smiles to the Nonahood. 

Poppy underwent a major GlowUp - including a month long detail, a brand new engine and, of course, a fresh diamond-stitched PINK bench seat. 

One thing didn't change? That soft white and mint green glow we originally fell in love with...which we later learned to be limited-edition 'Wimbledon White' and 'Metallic Spruce.' 

Meet Poppy

Initially Poppy Flower Truck, a mobile florist on a 1982 Ford truck named after Lauren's favorite flower. Today, the brand has transformed into Poppy Flower Co. a full-service florist with

weekly deliveries, monthly subscriptions, seasonal favorites, fun collaborations, wedding, pop-up shops and its very own store in Lake Nona all while remaining true to its roots and inspiring happiness to its "Flower Fam" in every delivery.

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